Green Black Rooibos Herbal Special

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Rooibus Teas

Rooibus (pronounced "roy-boss") is a type of herbal tea and originally came from South Africa. The leaves of the calicotome villosa plant are oxidied and have a distinctive red coloring. Also known as "red teas", Rooibus is caffeine free, contains powerful antioxidants, prevents against some cancers, improves circulation and has a high mineral content. It is also known to calm stomaches, relieve skin conditions and protect against Parkinsons ad Alzheimers disease.

swamp water

lemon soufflé

ladie's autumn tea blend

Green Rooibus marigold blossoms, candy bits. Changes colors from green to orange.


Lemon Cream taste. Rooibus Honeybush.


Cinnamon apple taste. Apple bits, cinnamon, cornflowers.


nut crunch

earl grey tea

autumn spice

Green Rooibus, honeybush, Rooibus, apple bits, currents, hazelnut.


Rooibus tea, bergamot. Pumpkin gingerbread taste, currants, ginger and safflower.

almond cookie


murky water

Almond cream taste with almond slivers and and vanilla. Sweet. Almond, papaya pieces, vanilla. Green rooibus. Black candy cats, orange sprinkles, sunflower blossoms.