Green Black Rooibos Herbal Special

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Herbal Teas

Appreciated for it's decaffeinated characteristic, Herbal teas are infused with herbs, spices and other plant materials and can be served hot or cold. Though Herbal teas are some of the most fragrant types of teas, they generally have fewer antioxidants than their true teas such as Black, Oolong, and Green teas. They are made from many parts of different botanicals, including flowers, bark, roots and seeds and have a mellow, soothing taste.


rose hips

linden flower

Organic Chamomile blossoms, rosehip seed peels, peppermint leaves. This is a 100% pure cut, seedless tea. Enjoy with honey for a comfy, healthy drink that is high in vitamin C, complex B vita with a, D & E.  It is high in iron and calcium, too.


To calm the mind and ready you for sleep, try the fruity flavor of the linden flower herbal tea. It's known to relieve tension and sinus pressure.

licorice root

raspberry mint

cold chaser

Grandfather herb, course ground tea. Good for coughs, cleansing the liver spleen, menopause, GERD.  With a sweet flavor, blend with other teas and peppermint or chamomile.    


Apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, black berry leaves, peppermint leaves, chamomile blossoms, raspberry leaves, sunflower blossoms, blackberry, raspberry. Elder leaves, linden blossoms, thyme, fennel, rosehip, licorice, blackberry leaves, marigold blossoms and wild thyme combine for this wonderful tea to chase away a cold.


chai of sri lanka

100% whole chamomile blossoms.     Ayurvedic herb: cinnamon, lemongrass, coconut chip, ginger bits, pineapple, cardamon, and a hint of red pepper.